3 Reasons Why I Don't Shoot Film Anymore

Cost of film, cost of processing, cost of wasting shots/making mistakes. Well, that's it, I'm done. Short post. Seriously, the reasons why digital photography so quickly replaced chemical-based photography are easy to see.

I often get folks visiting my flicker camera collection photos who would like to see images created using a particular vintage camera. How nice for them if I could. But no way. With over 200 cameras on my shelves, I haven't the time or cash to snap 24 (mostly artistically useless) shots on each vintage camera just to see how they operate. Don't care. That's not the point to my collecting.

I enjoy the nostalgia of film and film cameras. The mechanical/optical construction and the industrial design are quite fascinating enough for me to admire as part of a large collection of objects. My transition to digital photography happened back in the late '90's and haven't looked back.

If you want to shoot film and promote such activity for others as a hobby, fabulous, I absolutely approve and would do all I could to help when it comes to explaining how the old instruments operate. It's just not for me, though. Been there, done that. Still, I do remember how much I liked the smell of Ammonium Thiosulfate (rapid fix) in an open print tray (sigh). Easy, Jim, easy. There's no going back.

So, I guess, for me, "Film is dead, long live the cameras!"


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